Break the binary code!

From the onset of working on this project, our group realized the lack of awareness and knowledge regarding non-binary language. From a societal context, gender norms affect everyone even before we are born. The pressures imposed by society for males and females is difficult enough, let alone if you are a person who does not identify as either being male or female.

It was important for our group to create this media project, as a means to reach out to adolescents’ school environment. Adolescence is a trying period when one tries to fit in. Our project aims to bring awareness to high school teachers regarding gender neutrality. We believe teachers have the ability to advocate and enable a more gender identity as well as gender expression inclusive environment. Providing them with the tools necessary to be more gender neutral can potentially be a benefit for all adolescents, especially those who identify themselves as being part of the LGBTQ group.



Twitter Learn ways to adopt a more #gender_neutral perspective and use #non-binary language. Bring #awareness of the #consequences of #gender_roles.
Audience High school teachers
Purpose The main purpose of the project is to increase awareness of the need to create gender-neutral environments, especially in high schools. Introducing non-binary language to teachers and presenting them with the importance of using gender-neutral pronouns, is a secondary goal of this project. It also strives to elicit empathy by raising awareness of the aforementioned needs. As a result, we hope to motivate teachers and students, that don’t identify themselves as members of the LGBTQ group, to become more inclusive towards others, and to adopt a more gender-neutral approach to language in all settings.

Project Elements

Social media





Explainer Video

3.5 Min

Break the Binary Code from Our Digital Projects on Vimeo.

Workshop Objectives


1. By the end of the workshop, high school teachers will be aware of the limitations of gender specific roles through role-playing scenarios and a group debrief.

2. By the end of the workshop, high school teachers will be able to state non-binary pronouns and create a more inclusive atmosphere in their environment.

3. By the end of the workshop, high school teachers  will be able to express and represent themselves in a “gender neutral” way, thus reducing the prejudices associated with gender-specific norms and their limitations.

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This project was part of my  Intro to Digital media -ETEC 6550  course in my MA study at Concordia University. It was a very challenging experience from learning about the LGBTQ group to designing a creative workshop to support them at a younger age. The harder those challenges were the more we learned . Finally we created a full campaign with an amazing product to spread awareness and support those who are in need.

This project and the previous one (Benevolent Behavior) both aim to reduce bullying at schools and spread a safe healthy environment.