Benevolent Behavior – Online training for secondary school teachers

The goal of the project is to create a digital course that is useful to secondary school working in the K12 school environment. More specifically, this online game is designed to test and develop High school teachers’ benevolent and safety minded attitude towards children. This project was designed to encourage teachers to recognize their students and thus reduce the stress and violence at schools. It is much harder to hurt someone you personally know and have a relation with.

In April 2016, the project has won the second prize in the second edition of ” SHARE: The Great Educational Technology Challenge ” contest supported by many organizations such as Commission Scolaire de Montréal, The Birks Family Foundation and The Educational technology department of Concordia University.


This project started as part of the Fundamentals of Instructional Design-ETEC 650  course. The most challenging part of this course was writing the objectives, I had to divide the given material to two parts: Need to know and nice to know. The behavior training was a new concept to me. A needs analysis was a required helpful tool that guided me on how to write the objectives. Dr. Claude Martel was a great help and support in this project, he helped go to the right direction, he facilitated access to Lectora software as well as training session on how to use the software. The journey ended with an award of the second place winner that I am very proud of  till today.

I have learned a lot from this experience. I learned how to prepare training not only for an academic assignment but also for a real client and real need. It clarified the real need for needs analysis. Most importantly it was a clear motivation for me to survive the ISPI case study competition afterwards.


Receiving a the second price for the second edition of ” SHARE: The Great Educational Technology Challenge ” contest by: Dr. Claude Martel